Juxta v1.6 Release

Juxta v1.6 is now available from the download page!

New features:

  • Building on Juxta’s existing support for <add>, <del>, <addspan>, and <delspan> tags, Juxta v1.6 now allows you to control the collation of revision sites by accepting or rejecting additions and deletions to the witness text.
  • The contents of TEI <note> tags now display in the right column of the Document Panel and are excluded from the text collation.
  • Default XML parsing templates are provided for TEI files. As in Juxta v1.4, you can customize these templates or create new ones.
  • A new edit window allows you to make changes to a witness text and save the altered version as a new witness.

This development was made possible by the support of the Carolingian Canon Law project at the University of Kentucky.